Peanut Butter Cocoa Pebbles Krispie Treats Recipe

If you’re a peanut butter and chocolate lover like I am, these treats are the yummiest thing you will ever taste! They are sooooo good, and simple to make.

3 Tbs unsalted butter
1 package (10oz package, or 4 cups) marshmallows
6 cups Peanut Butter & Cocoa Pebbles cereal
1 cup Reeses chips (optional)
2 handfuls of marshmallows (optional)

1. Melt 3 Tbs of butter in a large pot over medium heat.
2. Add 4 cups of marshmallows to the butter and stir continuously until melted, then remove from heat.
3. Add 6 cups of cereal and stir until completely coated with marshmallow.
4. Optional step, but recommended for extra yumminess- add the Reeses chips and 2 handfuls of marshmallows to the mixture. Stir until coated.
5. Using a buttered spatula or the back of a buttered spoon, press the mixture into a buttered 9×9 baking pan (here’s the one I use).
6. Let cool, and cut into squares.
7. Enjoy! …And trust me, you will.

Comment below if you make these and let me know how you like them! Also.. if you want to stay in the loop and never miss a post, be sure to subscribe.
xoxo, Cambria

My son approves!
Recipe card to screen shot or print.

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