Kane’s 5th Hulk Smash Birthday Bash

My first born, my baby boy is FIVE years old! The past five years have gone by so fast but watching Kane grow has been a huge blessing. Shortly after his fourth birthday, he started saying that he wanted a Hulk birthday when he turns five. To be 100% honest, I tried changing his mind a few times because it is hard to find party decorations that are only The Hulk and not all of the Avengers. He wouldn’t cave, so I had to get creative! Here are some of the main decoration pieces that I came up with for his party:

1. The Hulk drink dispenser

A drink dispenser, a black poster board cut up into hair/eyes/eyebrows, and some green Hawaiian Punch (sold by the gallon at most grocery stores), and there you have it! I think this might look better with a drink dispenser that is the same width all the way up instead of being larger at the top like this one but I just used what I had.

2. Purple and green balloons

4 dark green, 4 light green, and 4 purple balloons paired with a black “5” balloon added the perfect pop of color to match the Hulk theme. I ordered these at a local party store and my mother in law picked them up on her way to the party that morning!

3. The Hulk rice crispy treats

For these rice crispy treats, I simply followed the recipe on the back of the cereal box and added some green food coloring. Once they were set, I added some crushed Oreos for The Hulk’s hair, and drew on a face with black decorating gel. They weren’t perfect but they sure were yummy and made a cute little decoration on the cake table.

4. A 5th birthday banner, The Hulk style

Since I didn’t do a ton of decorations, I wanted something big to make Kane feel extra special. This photo shows Kane holding the small version (the test print) of the banner, and there’s a photo of Travis putting up the big one at the end of this post. My amazingly talented hubby does graphic design and large scale printing on the side and he did a great job making this for our big boy. Feel free to send me a message if you need a banner!

5. The Hulk cake made by my sweet friend

Kane’s favorite part of any birthday party is the cake so after he decided on The Hulk as his theme, he said, “and I can have a Hulk cake at my party!” He FaceTimed my friend and asked her to make his birthday cake, and she sweetly agreed. Didn’t she do an amazing job?! She even put Kane’s name on the Hulk figurine topper! Thank you so much Alaina!

Kane’s 5th birthday party was originally supposed to be outside but a rainy day forecast forced us to do the party indoors. With a million kids and their parents in my home, it was a must to have some kind of an attraction to keep all of the kids entertained, so we put up a bounce house (a small enough one to fit indoors but still big enough for the kids up to about age 8) in my bedroom along with a few bins of toys. This eliminated me having to come up with and run any games. Here is the bounce house we used!

We had pizza, let the kids play, did a piñata (the piñata had all of the Avengers on it because I couldn’t find one that was just The Hulk,) sang happy birthday, served cake, Kane opened gifts, and that was it! Short, sweet, simple, and fun. I probably could have gone a little more Pinterest-worthy with his party but I tend to like these kinds of things a little more on the simple side.

To conclude, Kane had a blast with all of his friends and cousins, we had a blast visiting with everyone, and we officially have a FIVE year old son! I still cannot believe it.

If you’d like to see some behind the scenes with my wild little life as well as a ton of fun kid photos, be sure to follow my Instagram!

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