I am so excited to begin this blogging journey and share my story with you as well as tips, tricks, and life hacks I’ve learned along the way.

Just a few basics about me. I grew up in Yucaipa, California. I graduated from CSUSB with a B.A. in Liberal Studies in 2010. I married my best friend Travis in 2012, and we have two beautiful and wild children, Kane (5) and Quinn (1.5). We also have a small dog named Bernie. Travis runs a family business with his parents and I work part time in the office. We live on 2 acres in a little horse town in Southern California. We bought our current home back in June and completely gutted it, renovated it (there are still some projects we are finishing up!) and moved in just before Christmas. After the interior of our house is complete, I am looking forward to learning more about farm animals and eventually getting a larger dog, chickens, and goats (I’m sure there will be future blog posts on that)! I love to sew, decorate, do diy projects, and partake in pretty much anything that will exercise my creative muscles. I began studying and falling in love with the art of photography a few years ago and with that love, I am constantly learning and growing.

I have dreamt of starting a blog for over a year now but was nervous to put myself out there. I am learning to let go of my fear of what others may think of me, and to just chase fiercely after my dreams and goals. Here goes nothing!

Believe me when I say that my life is not perfect and it is not always easy, but I am extremely thankful for this little life the Lord has blessed me with.

I would LOVE to know what kinds of blog posts you want to read. What are you interested in knowing about me? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Cambria Stockman

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22 thoughts on “GETTING TO KNOW ME.

  1. You are off to a beautiful start Cambria! May our Lord bless you and your sweet little family in this new adventure.


  2. So exciting! Congrats on your new project here on the blog! I’d love to see posts about how you guys went about renovating your home and what it looks like now. I love interior design! 🙂


  3. This is so awesome. I am so proud of you, I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from all of your stories and mommy hacks. Like for instance your car sick car seat protector.


  4. So excited for you Cambria! I love watching your stories and family grow through social media. I remember the ScrunchyBooty days! 😉
    You are an amazing soul, friend, Daughter, Wife, Mommy and so much more.. proud of you always! I would love to hear more about fashion! You and the kids are always dressed so darling. Other than that; I am here for it all! Can’t wait! ❤️


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